Oily Skin to Heat Rash: 5 Fixes for Your Summer Skin Issues


Summer is the season of rooftops and rosé, but it's also a time of year that brings it's own unique set of weird beauty issues—from exaggerated pigmentation to heat rash. Ahead, we're breaking down exactly what you need to do to avoid and fix a few of summer's nastiest side-effects. Keep scrolling!

Uneven skin tone

The trigger: UV sun exposure and heat.

The fix: Wearing sunscreen daily with a minimum protection of SPF 30 is the best way to prevent UV-triggered skin tone issues. If you already have some damage, regular exfoliation, a vitamin C-packed serum, or a skin oil with renewing properties, such as frankincense essential oil, can help to fade the pigmentation.

Razor bumps and ingrown hairs

The trigger: Inflammation and swelling caused by shaving.

The fix: Use a moisturizing shaving cream or gel that softens the hair and follicle when you shave. This will make sure there’s less friction and irritation when the razor passes over your skin.

Oily, shiny skin

The trigger: Summer weather triggers oily, shiny foreheads more than any other season, but overusing harsh cleansers and alcohol-based toners to try and combat the oiliness can actually make your skin worse. These products tend to dehydrate your skin, which tells the cells to produce more oil to combat that water loss.

The fix: Using a balancing beauty oil based on jojoba oil can help regulate your skin’s sebum production. Also, steer clear of cleansers with sulfates, which are often too drying.

Heat rash

The trigger: Your skin temperature sky-rocketing throughout summer, allowing moisture to evaporate and damage the skin.

The fix: Look for anti-inflammatory ingredients, like chamomile and blue tansy, to help soothe the skin, and drink a lot of water. Sunburn The trigger: Too much time in the sun and not enough SPF protection. The fix: Always rely on prevention rather than a cure for sunburn and lather up on SPF regularly throughout the day.


Photo: Instagram user @alexandra_mack

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